Business Consulting and Accountancy

Our Approach

We know what's on your mind...

  • How can I increase sales and shorten my sales cycle?
  • How do I position my business to be most valuable?
  • What is the best model for servicing my clients when each has different needs?
  • How do I better align my organization for higher profitability?
  • Are my financials in the best shape possible?
  • With whom should I partner?  I can't scale it alone.
  • What's the proper exit plan for me? My family? My employees?
Sound familiar?  Contact us -- we can help.  The majority of our clients are Fortune 500 or highly successful privately held organizations, accustomed to receiving the highest level of service and that’s how we deliver.   The relationships we enjoy have been built over a number of years and have grown as a result of hard work and mutual respect. 

Our Commitment

Our firm was founded upon the desire to provide excellent client service without the weight of burdensome politics and administrative policies that large professional firms employ -- we add direct and meaningful value. 

We carefully examine every engagement before acceptance to ensure that we can and will exceed our clients’ expectations.  Our intake process is unparalleled -- for us, it’s personal. Our partners are actively involved in all engagements and are dedicated to providing the “white glove” level of service that we believe every one of our clients deserves.  We are not focused on performing projects just for today!

Experience and Services

Our firm is led by senior executives and industry thought leaders.  Our unique combination of executive management and public accounting experience provides us with the skills and knowledge to address your most critical needs. 

We provide a variety of services highlighted by:

  • Sales Growth Planning
  • Marketing Solutions Development & Positioning
  • Capital Partnership & Exit Planning
  • M&A Alignment
  • Audit and Attest
  • Due Diligence
  • Tax Consulting & Compliance
  • Consulting & Special Projects

We view ourselves as your personal guide. Our services are customized to meet your needs. With over 100 years of Executive Leadership experience - from all sides of the table - we know where and what to evaluate.